VITA Suprinity®: When Glass Ceramic Met Zirconia

Article by Chris Hussey of Ceramic Studio published in June 2014 edition of Australasian Dentist magazine

Crown and bridge technicians and dentists alike have been waiting patiently on our shores for the official arrival of VITA Suprinity which gladly happened at the ADX14.  Since global supplies of the CAD/CAM ingot recently started trickling down towards Australasia, word of its potential seems to be spreading like wildfire.

Incredibly, VITA have managed to successfully develop a hybrid material consisting of lithium silicate that is enriched with zirconia (approx. 10% by weight).  The result is the world’s first reinforced lithium silicate ceramic.

This somewhat perfect marriage between glass ceramic and zirconia has been a roaring success in Europe over the past few months and has become a serious rival to the deservedly successful IPS e.max®.

Boasting a 3-point flexural strength of over 494MPa, as well as superior Weibull modulus and dynamic loading scores when compared to lithium disilicate (VITA R&D, 2014), it stands far above others of its kin.


This provides for the following benefits for you and your patient:

  1. Excellent load capacity;
  2. Outstanding reliability;
  3. Optimal precision; and
  4. Outstanding aesthetics.

(VITA, 2014)

VITA Suprinity®is indicated for anterior and posterior crowns, implants, veneers, inlays and onlays as either monolithic or layered/cut-back restorations.  We have been manufacturing VITA Suprinity® for a few months now and the feedback has been tremendously positive.  We have not seen such a stir since IPS e.max® and monolithic zirconia hit the market at their respective points in time.

Knowledge of the superior strength and reliability statistics aside, what was of particular note to us when making our first few VITA Suprinity® crowns was the superb translucency, fluorescence and opalescence, as pointed-out by VITA.  The final aesthetic is indeed more, “tooth-like” than any monolithic structure we have yet come across.  We also noticed that it milled more accurately and with a smoother finish than any other ceramic witnessed by us; later finding out that this was due it comprising of smaller particles.

As a lover of the finer artistry that layered porcelain sometimes calls for, I am pleased to find that the new VITA VM®11 porcelain, specifically developed for VITA Suprinity®, is exquisite and provides all the creative freedom in the world to the technician.  I hope that it does not get too overshadowed by the success of the base material.

VITA Suprinity® is not yet available as a pressed ceramic and can only be milled by select milling machine.  According to VITA (2014), these include:

  • Sirona’s CEREC or inLab MC XL systems;
  • Ceramill® Motion 2 (AmannGirrbach); and
  • Arctica® Engine (KaVo)

VITA are yet to launch larger milling ingots so one is currently only able to enjoy single unit restorations and perhaps small two unit bridges for now.

For those not completely au fait with digital technology and enjoy taking PVS impressions, bear in mind that you have equal access to this material as those who have invested in an intraoral scanner.  Please feel free to call me should you wish to discuss VITA Suprinity®, or simply share your experiences with it.  Further reading and YouTube videos can be found at


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