Vita’s New Hybrid Dental Ceramic: The Next Great Leap Forward?

I am keeping a keen eye on the new material from Vita, said to be launched in the near future.  Vita Enamic® is the world’s first hybrid dental ceramic.  Why has this grasped my interest I hear you ask?

Vita inform that the material comprises of a network of ceramic (86 wt%) and a network of polymer (14 wt%).  The result is an aesthetically impressive product of high strength and as well as flexibility, making it suitable for all restoration types.  Its unique composition allows for, the aptly named, “crack-stop function”, which has its obvious advantages.

The product is designed for milling, allowing for that “CAD-CAM fit”.  I also like that Vita have given equal consideration to aesthetics as they have function and durability.  They have developed unique stain and glaze products that bond to the restoration in a polymerization process.  This will allow us to apply our artistic flair to the final product as you would expect with other restoration types.

The scientific research seems impressive to say the least.  If you are interested in reading further, please click here.

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Have yourselves a great Christmas break and we’ll see what 2013 brings!