The Strength of the Modern Boutique: Why Ceramic Studio is Turning Heads

The TeamArticle as featured in the May-June 2015 edition of Australasian Dentist magazine

It can be said in earnest that Ceramic Studio is a story of successful reformism.

Out of the ashes of significant industry change in recent years gone by with work going overseas in search of ever-cheaper crown and bridge work, Ceramic Studio re-invented itself in resolve. The seemingly negative scenario turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to the small laboratory in Geelong.

It afforded an opportunity to scale-down the volume of work and concentrate more on the finer things. The boutique was once again in reach and from this ethic the brand progressively became stronger.

On the back of this came a technological overhaul that would change everything about the way things were done. The laboratory invested heavily in the best laboratory scanner, CAD software, milling unit and sintering furnace Software Designit could find and took a greater jump into the digital world. At the time the business was not new to CAD/CAM, with wax-ups being scanned and milled by an Australian third party, but it was identified at the time that the future held more opportunity than this elementary approach.

So it was that new skills were having to be built upon the foundations of those traditional to crown and bridge. Yet the combined factors of necessity for perfection as a point-of-difference and dramatic technological change marked the beginning of an exciting period that shattered the monotony of the trade and sparked profuse enthusiasm that carries-on to this day. So much so, that Chris now enjoys supporting CEREC dentists in his capacity as a Sirona CAD/CAM Key Opinion Leader.

The laboratory is continuing to invest in the future, recently acquiring a top-of-the-range 5-axis wet and dry mill. With this came a greater variety of material optiMCX5ons.

The plethora of evolving modern crown, bridge and implant choices brings with it understandable confusion to even the most learned of clinicians. It would be unreasonable to expect a dentist to have a full appreciation of the current, most suitable option for his or her patient for each and every case from one month to the next. Ceramic Studio identified this need for support and guidance early by adopting the new role of technical facilitators.

Beyond spending time in discussion with dentists about materials and techniques, other practical examples of this new support role include: the creation of Material Cheat Sheets for clients, as well as changing the lab tickets to provide the options of “technician to pour impressions and call” and “technician to decide”.

Ceramic Studio has spent countless hours testing and re-testing new material out on the market for the purposes of ascertaining the best option for a given case. As a result, the laboratory now offers a monolithic zirconia that has the same transparency of lithium disilicate, yet double its strength, serving as the new bread and butter anterior, posterior and bridge option.

If this sounds interesting and you wish to retain the services of your current technician, you may be happy to know that Ceramic Studio is now open to other laboratories as a milling centre. STL files can be received for milling regardless of the software origin.

STLSirona ConnectCEREC users can send work via the Sirona Connect portal and by the next edition of this magazine, users of other intra-oral scanners will be able to send work digitally also. This brings us to answer the important commonly asked question some have been shy to ask; “yes, conventional PVS and alginate impressions are always accepted”. In fact, this still comprises the majority of the workflow.

Ceramic Studio services Australia-wide, offering a 3-4 working day turnaround time, free express return postage and a patient Australian Made Certificate of Authenticity with each case. If you find yourself in the Geelong area, take advantage of the open door policy and pop in to the new laboratory premises for a chat.