Digital Impressions

Sirona ConnectCeramic Studio has the capacity to receive digital impressions via the Sirona Connect portal from practices that have invested in an intraoral scanner.  Sirona Connect allows dentists to take a digital impression and send it to Ceramic Studio with a request for their desired restoration.

Intraoral scanners are generally a more cost-effective way of operating.  The cost of acquiring one is, in most cases, offset by impression materials, trays, labour attributed to infection control procedures, impression analogues, implant replicas, postage fees, etc.  They are portable and can be wheeled from room to room.  Intraoral scanner users can enjoy the following benefits, amongst others:

  • Greatly reduced turnaround times;
  • Incredible accuracy;
  • The capacity to achieve the perfect bite registration and vertical dimension;
  • Elimination of impression drags;
  • Elimination of outgoing sterilisation procedures;
  • Improved practice/lab communication with real-time feedback;
  • Reduced model archiving (although your inLab laboratory can have them 3D printed if you wish); and
  • Reduced patient discomfort (gaggers).

For further information on digital dentistry, click here to visit Sirona’s website.