*Article by Chris Hussey of Ceramic Studio as published in the October 2016 edition of Australasian Dentist   It is true that I am a great advocate of modern ceramic materials.  Contemporary glass ceramics and translucent zirconia products provide for an array of advantages that cannot be easily surmised in […]

Introducing Porcelain Bonded to Metal (PBM): A Modern Twist ...

Article as featured in the May-June 2015 edition of Australasian Dentist magazine It can be said in earnest that Ceramic Studio is a story of successful reformism. Out of the ashes of significant industry change in recent years gone by with work going overseas in search of ever-cheaper crown and […]

The Strength of the Modern Boutique: Why Ceramic Studio is ...

Cammo Tooth
Article by Chris Hussey as featured in Australasian Dentist magazine (December 2014 Ed.) There are a plethora of factors that influence the final aesthetic of a crown and bridge restoration, hence your patient’s satisfaction. The unfortunate fact remains that, no matter how brilliant your clinical work is, your patient will […]

Crown-ouflage: Shade-Taking Considerations for the Clinician

Aust Dentist Magazine Article - First Page - Dec 2013
Article as Featured in the December 2013 Edition of Australasian Dentist Magazine During my long career as a ceramist, I have observed the trends of many different dental materials as they progress through their respective product lifecycles.  Few have triggered my interest like inCoris TZI.  I have observed the popularity […]

inCoris TZI Monolithic Zirconia: From a Laboratory Perspective

BruxZir Hammer Test
I do enjoy this simple experiment showing a BruxZir® Solid Zirconia crown being driven into a piece of timber by a conventional hammer.  The crown remained fully in-tact, whereas its PFM counterpart was mostly reduced to dust.  I for one found this experiment far more entertaining than agreeable charts and […]

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia vs PFM Hammer Test